How to get Free iPhone Theme to iPod touch 4G

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Published: 01st December 2010
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This is are some instructions on how to obtain free iphone themes onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. Actually free iphone theme is collections of the icon in .png format that load into your Homescreen. What is Homescreen? Homescreen is where your User Interface which is contains lot of icons displayed on your device. It can includes App, Games or Tools and many more. So the iphone themes will change these icons and change your theme. It can be activated via Winterboard, which is controls your User Interface or Icons on Homescreen. Other than iphone themes, Winterboard also can change lockscreen, icons, volume icon, battery icon,wallpapers. lockscreen sound, fonts and many more. You can obtain the Winterboard from Cydia. However that, don't forget to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch first.

So how to install iPhone themes to your iPod touch? It is very easy. Just follow my guides.

Firstly you need to jailbreak your iPod touch 2G devices. It can be jailbreak using jailbreak tools such as blackra1n, l1merain,spirit jailbreak and many more. After that, you need to download free iPhone themes from the website that provides free iPhone theme. There is one website that I know you can get the free iPhone themes easily. It is located here

Choose your desired free iPhone themes and then download it into your computer. Then you will get .zip files. You must extract the .zip files into somewhere in you PC.

Then, you need to SSH or connect your iPhone or iPod Touch via USB to your PC in order to transfer the iPhone themes into your iPod touch 4G. You can use WinSCP if you are Windows user to SSH. If you want to transfer via USB you can try iFunBox software. After that,you need to detect the themes folder first. Find the folder in the file explorer. All the themes will be positioned in Library/Themes. Let say the theme that you have downloaded is named Zune Then extract the Zune into one folder name Zune HD. Then drag and drop the folder into Library/Themes. Easy isn't it ?

After that, plug out USB or SSH. Then launch Winterboard app. You will see one the theme that you uploaded before is now appear in Winterboard app. It is called Zune HD. To enable or activate the theme, just click on the theme's name. Then the theme will be activated.

So let's review what you instructed :

First jailbreak your iPhone 4G.

Install Winterboard.

Get iPhone themes from website given above.

Extract the theme that you have downloaded

SSH or connect via USB from your device to your computer

Copy the theme into Library/Themes folder

Activate the theme by using Winterboard app

Done! Enjoy your new iPhone themes

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